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Your Data Intelligence Solution for Supply Chain Visibility & Inventory Excellence
V Source Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity

V Source offers integrated solutions to help global brands harness sourcing, logistics and control of all inventory, in real time, at every step – in a distributor/licensee model, owned wholesale model, vertical retailer model or direct to the consumer. V Source is vital to managing an effective returns process.

Product Visibility & Inventory Accuracy

Keep track of your inventory daily, not yearly. V Source enables substantial improvements in corporate efficiencies and performance – by providing a single, integrated, universal platform for total product visibility and control at all times, in real time.

Product Visibility and Inventory Accuracy

Actionable Data

Our V Source data intelligence solution has been adopted by global, multibillion dollar brands to achieve unmatched efficiencies in sourcing, logistics, inventory and controls. Our customers own the data, allowing them to make smart decisions regarding their operations & logistics, field service, supply chain integrity, licensee management, procurement & sourcing, quality and returns.

Actionable Data At Your Fingertips

Can You See Your Products In Real Time?

About the V Suite

Every day, Vi3 is empowering global brands with actionable data. With Universal Interactive Serialization, Vi3 provides data intelligence solutions for connected products and offers the most sophisticated use of operational big data across the enterprise.


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