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Data Insight for Greater Consumer Engagement

By enabling your consumers to connect with their products, you can unlock unique one-to-one experiences, change the way you do mobile marketing, gain consumer insight, share your product designs and bring efficiency to your ecommerce sales. V Connect gives you the ability to directly engage with consumers around the world, empowering them through knowledge about product safety/recall and sustainability, letting them share through social media.

Connect with Consumers Directly and Securely

Vi3 will help you employ a unique communications channel to communicate safely, securely and directly with individual consumers, with no third-party intervention, at the point of purchase – offering unparalleled opportunities for targeted mobile marketing and for building brand loyalty.

Connect with Consumers through Data Intelligence

Identify & Act on Consumer Behavioral Trends

Vi3 helps you directly identify trends in consumer behaviors, which enhances the knowledgebase of your retail associates and opens doors to endless marketing and sales capabilities.

Consumer Marketing Behavioral Trends

Are You Connected With Today's Consumers?

About the V Suite

Every day, Vi3 is empowering global brands with actionable data. With Universal Interactive Serialization, Vi3 provides data intelligence solutions for connected products and offers the most sophisticated use of operational big data across the enterprise.


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