Valmarc’sGame-Changing Platform

he revolutionary Valmarc Total Vision is a new and powerful integrated system that provides cutting edge tools for brand protection, logistics, mobile marketing, inventory track and trace, social marketing and more. Valmarc Total Vision is a solution that’s being adopted by several global, multi-billion-dollar brands to fight back against product counterfeiting and diversion, achieve unmatched efficiencies in inventory logistics and control, create a new one-to-one communications channel with consumers, establish more profitable collaborations with business partners, deepen consumer loyalty through more sophisticated social media contact and analyze sales data with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Valmarc Total Vision systems are being installed around the world at a rapid pace, with systems already functioning in a number of countries – including China, Vietnam, India, Thailand and Indonesia.


A wide range of Valmarc Total Vision modules enable brands to use the information Total Vision gathers for a variety of needs, including…

  • anti-counterfeiting and product diversion control
  • operations & logistics, field service, supply chain integrity, licensee management and procurement & sourcing
  • mobile marketing, sales analytics, retailer partnerships, product design and internet sales
  • digital product enhancement, consumer digital ownership and social media.

Valmarc Total Vision modules enable substantial improvements in corporate efficiencies and performance – by providing a single, integrated, universal platform for total product visibility and control at all times, in real time. It also improves the performance of each legitimate market participant involved in the brand’s operations.

Valmarc Total Vision is a company- and industry-transforming innovation created and developed by the pioneers who introduced the game-changing Data Matrix 2D barcode and led its adoption as the global industry standard.  Now Valmarc executives are about to change the global product brand and commerce world again, with a new international standard – Valmarc Total Vision.

Valmarc Total Vision can be customized specifically for individual brands. For in-depth information about Valmarc Total Vision from Valmarc’s leadership, click here.