VALMARC Total Vision is a new, powerful, universal solution for branded products striving to meet – and beat – today’s global business challenges. It unlocks unprecedented power and control to:

Combat Counterfeiting and Diversion

Foil product counterfeiters and parties who divert inventory into less lucrative markets with cutting edge anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion tools, while instantly amassing forensic evidence for your legal team.

Connect with Consumers Directly and Securely

Employ a unique communications channel to communicate safely, securely and directly with individual consumers, with no third party intervention, at point of purchase – offering unparalleled opportunities for effectively targeted mobile marketing and for building brand loyalty.

Gain Worldwide Logistics Visibility

Harness logistics and control of all inventory, in real time, at every step – from the factory, to the shipper, to the warehouse, to the distributor, to the retailer and, finally, to the consumer.

Communicate and Collaborate with Partners Globally

Valmarc Total Vision allows you to communicate and collaborate far more efficiently – and profitably – with other market participants in real time.

How does Valmarc Total Vision work?